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Review of Professional Documents

Résumés and Cover Letters

College Application Essays*

Fee: $55/hr  
24 to 48-hour turn around is often possible for cover letters, r
ésumés, and application essays. Cover letters and r
ésumés generally take 1-2 hours. I'm happy to offer quotes for projects.


Includes a comprehensive review of document organization, style, and tone, as well as general editing, proofreading, and suggestions for development/ compression. 

If you cited sources in your essay, I'll review integration of source material within the work and consistency of citation style.**

For résumés, cover letters, and college application essays, your document(s) will be returned within one week. If you need to negotiate a faster turn around time, please let me know in your initial inquiry.


Using Word or Google Docs (per client preference), I track changes on your work. You can choose to accept or reject those changes. I'm happy to discuss any questions you might have about the suggestions I've made. 



*Please note, regarding college application essays: I offer edits and suggestions in order to highlight your strengths as a candidate, but I don't write essays on behalf of candidates. I'm also available to consult, by Zoom or phone, in order to discuss essays for college applications. 

**I don't review documents for plagiarism, but I can refer you to sources that do.  


Grant Writing

Please contact me to discuss your project.

Writing Grants: $85/hour

Editing/Reviewing Grants: $60/hour

Small-group Poetry Workshops

I'm happy to coordinate a one-time, generative writing and/or topic specific small-group workshop for you or your organization (examples of possible topics: writing about art, gratitude, family history, writing through grief, re-envisioning our stories). Please message me with your ideas and questions, and keep an eye out for updates and additional offerings.

Given current public health concerns, all workshops will be conducted remotely unless we're able to host them outside.

(There is no fee for an initial, 30-minute consultation to discuss your project and/or writing goals.)

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One-time Written Response/Constructive Criticism for Creative Work(s)

Short Story

Personal Essay


Hybrid Form 

Selections of Poetry (up to 20 pages) 

Fee: $60/hr

Work will be returned within two weeks.

Novels/Full-length Manuscripts

Fee: $65/hr
For full-length manuscripts, we can discuss a timeline that makes the most sense for you/your project. 


Clients can elect for written response to the work, or written response and (remote) discussion of the work.


For each of these forms, I'm available for developmental editing. That generally means you have a complete draft—or a nearly completed manuscript—and want feedback regarding development, organization, time management, and consistency of voice. This does not include line-editing because the draft might still require significant revision before you move to a copyedit. 

If you're seeking copyediting or proofreading services, I'm happy to help: please specify which type of assistance you're seeking on the
contact link, and we can discuss a project estimate.

Ongoing Creative Writing Coaching/ 
Development of Fiction, Memoir, 
and Poetry Manuscripts 


Coaching sessions are available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Meetings are conducted remotely and last one hour. 

Manuscript development is a critical part of this service: I offer a comprehensive review of your creative manuscript, including, among other elements, suggestions for: expansion and/or compression (as appropriate for your goals and your work); organization; word choice; syntax; and—in the case of fiction—plot and character development. 

Fee: $60/hr

During each meeting we'll discuss your work and any concerns you have about writing and/or the feedback I've offered. We'll also discuss ways to move forward with your project. All work will be invoiced at $60/hour, and a detailed invoice will be provided each month (or bi-weekly, per client request).

See What You Can Expect from a Writing Coach

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