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What You Can Expect from a Writing Coach 

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Writing can help us to understand our experiences and see our world in new ways; however, given the pace of daily life, you might find it difficult to prioritize writing or any of your creative endeavors. Work with a writing coach can help you renew your commitment to creative expression and its benefits.


Perhaps you would benefit from deadlines and a regular writing schedule. If that's the case, I'm here to help you set, revise, and meet your goals.

Constructive Criticism

As a writer, teacher, and editor, I bring many years of experience to coaching, including nearly a decade advising individuals pursuing interdisciplinary projects. I read widely and, as a poet, I understand that not all works are meant to be read as linear narratives.


I'm particularly interested in the relationship between the form and content of your writing. I can help you to see the best (often the most idiosyncratic) elements in your work, and we can work together to strengthen any elements that don't live up to the quality of your best writing. I view and encourage revision as a creative act. 

Regular Prompts and Conversation 

As you work to establish and meet your creative goals, I provide regular, written feedback on your work, including observations regarding possible directions for growth/reorganization, as well as general editing and proofreading notes. We can also discuss suggested readings. We'll meet monthly, weekly, or biweekly to review my comments, discuss your concerns, and reassess your project's direction. All meetings are conducted remotely. 

A Writing Coach Isn't...

Work with a writing coach isn't a substitute for therapy (i.e. the disclaimer).


If you write in order to work through difficult issues, you might find that the support of a licensed counselor could be beneficial to your process. While I'm happy to offer feedback on your writing at any point in the writing process, and I look forward to helping you strengthen your writing and your writing practice, I'm not a mental health counselor. The services I provide as a writing coach are not a substitute for psychological counseling.

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